We use a systematic, comprehensive approach when addressing key wealth management issues for your financial future to help you prioritize goals, services and solutions. This allows us to analyze your situation, isolate the most urgent issues to address first and craft the solutions you need.

  • Tax Planning

    We apply our knowledge in financial and tax services to ensure your wealth management plan is operating in the most tax-optimized manner possible. This includes finding appropriate tax solutions for you and making sure that you never pay more than necessary.

  • Business and Succession Planning

    Business owners have countless daily demands on their time. Additionally, they must save for retirement and plan for what will happen to their businesses when they retire. Our team offers comprehensive support for complex business planning, including business formation, entity selection and succession planning.

  • Retirement Planning

    Whatever your vision of retirement is, diligent and ongoing planning and goal setting are necessary for your retirement to live up to your expectations. Eastwood & Associates Wealth Strategies, LLC will help you make the most of your employer-sponsored plans, IRAs and other retirement vehicles to make sure your income is sustained during a time when you should reward yourself for years of hard work.

  • Insurance Planning

    Illness and injury can happen to anyone. If you’ve planned for this possibility, it’s necessary to review your plan and account for any recent life events that have impacted you. As life changes, so do your insurance needs and the strategies needed to protect your lifestyle and your family members who are dependent on your income.

  • Investment Planning

    Eastwood & Associates Wealth Strategies, LLC will help you understand your investment risk tolerance, continually determine your asset allocation needs and recommend the appropriate investment path to protect your wealth and reach your goals.

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