01. Why Choose Us

Beyond The Numbers…It might sound cliche, but we know it to be true…It’s not all about the money. It’s about the little things.

02. Who We Serve

We believe in creating a family-friendly environment for the many small-business owners we serve, and we truly value and care about deepening our relationships with them.

03. How We Work

Eastwood & Associates Wealth Strategies, LLC exists to help clients confidently navigate through the anxiety of planning for their futures.

At Eastwood & Associates Wealth Strategies, LLC, we are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of our clients.

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Wealth Management

We use a systematic, methodical approach when addressing key wealth management issues for your financial future to help you prioritize goals, services, and solutions.

Tax-Advantaged Planning

We apply our knowledge in financial and tax services to ensure your wealth management plan is operating in the most tax-optimized manner possible.

Business Succession Planning

Business owners have countless daily demands on their time. Additionally, they must save for retirement and plan for what will happen to their businesses when they retire.

Investment Planning

Eastwood & Associates Wealth Strategies, LLC will help you understand your investment risk tolerance, continually determine your asset allocation needs and recommend the appropriate investment path to protect your wealth and reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

Whatever your vision of retirement is, diligent planning and goal setting are necessary for your retirement if you want those years to live up to your expectations.

Insurance Planning

Illness and injury can happen to anyone. If you’ve planned for this possibility, it’s necessary to review your plan and account for any recent life events that have impacted you.


A power of attorney (POA) can grant you certain authority and specific responsibilities. While the extent and limitations of POAs can vary based on many factors, stepping into the role of power of attorney can be unlike anything else. That’s because it puts you in the driver’s seat to make key decisions and oversee vital needs for someone else. That doesn’t mean that POAs come with carte-blanche powers or that one power of attorney will mirror another. Explaining how POAs work, this guide shares more fundamentals, detailing some common types of powers of attorney and the responsibilities you may have as an agent of one of these devices.