We believe in creating a family-friendly environment for the many small-business owners we serve, and we truly value and care about deepening our relationships with them.

We believe in connecting with all of the clients we serve, allowing them to trust us completely in helping them with their financial decisions so that they can focus on their family, the things they enjoy in life and business.

We believe in timely response and communication with our clients in order to provide them with caring and efficient service.

Regardless of which stage of life you are in today, tomorrow it will be different -- we help you prepare for that inevitability.

You could be a newly minted Gen-Z looking for a head start, a millennial with a new business and a young family, someone well into your working years, or someone with your eyes on how to expertly navigate retirement. If you have a willingness to commit to a plan today in order to preserve a high standard of living for tomorrow, we’re eager to work with you.

To that end, we want you to know what service-driven relationships mean to us. Meeting the individual needs of our clients is our single most important purpose. Ensuring that each and every client is treated in a fair and ethical manner, we think you should know our brand’s promise.

As a client of Eastwood & Associates, here’s what you can expect of US:

  • Ongoing monitoring and regular reviews of your financial plans, accounts, investments, insurance policies, applicable legal documents and tax situations.
  • Timely, responsive correspondence when you feel the need to reach out.
  • Us to take the time to clearly explain complicated financial concepts.
  • Be treated with the utmost respect and integrity at all times and always receive honest advice and feedback.
  • A genuine personal relationship that goes beyond the numbers and that takes your values, and goals into consideration at all times.
  • Be fully informed about all strategic decisions regarding your accounts before any change is made with careful consideration of potential tax implications.

As a client of Eastwood & Associates, we ask that YOU:

  • Fully disclose accurate information about your financial status and investment objectives, including goals, risk tolerance, and other pertinent details.
  • Ask any questions you have about the recommendations we make. In the end, the strategy we implement is your decision.
  • Immediately notify us of any changes in your financial situation, and of major life-events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or other significant occurrences.
  • Be honest with us about any accounts or investments you have with another firm, or that you personally manage so that we can take into account the whole picture.
  • Apprise yourself of all prospectuses provided to you and keep yourself informed about important financial issues and discuss these with your advisor.
  • Be honest. Let us know when we fall short of your expectations. We take responsibility for our actions.

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